June 18, 1999 Stellavision - the Bay TV Pilot, was recorded live in front of a packed house at the Cotton Club Speakeasy at the infamous Arts Factory. Byron Bay. Now based in Newport in the inner west of Melbourne, Stellavision creates live interactive 'television' that thinks globally and acts locally.

We love to raise awareness and help you raise funds for your community or charity. Here's some of the groups we've worked with before


..say that again?

...Just what the hell is 'Stellavision'?

Modest, self deprecating, Stellavision delights audiences with slick, witty comedy, live music

and interviews. Intimate, intelligent, funky...

...and what else?

Combining  pre recorded video segments and live interviews,  Stellavision creates niche marketing events using the TV chat show genre, stand up comedy cabaret and bespoke Trivia Challenges

to bring out the funny and informative edge for corporate, community and charity organisations.

...so what is it again?

Stellavision is a
 tongue-in-cheeky forum.
It's variety satire
It's intimate and multi media funky

​We have the venue, you bring the crowd